TSM Outfit post: Zara Knit – Feeling blue and dressing in Grey

Hope you guys all had a great weekend! I spent most of my weekend avoiding my friends and spending time with my family. Before you think I’m a horrible person for doing so, I must explain that I am terrible, and I mean terrible at ‘good-byes.’ I’m known to just sneak out of a party or say, the country, without telling many people that I’m going and while it comes across as rude, inside, the thought of saying goodbye makes me tear up and if I start to cry, it gets ugly real fast – so I cowardly avoid it as much as possible.

If you haven’t been following my blog, I’ll have to explain that I visited my hometown Melbourne for a few weeks after being away in London for two years so not being back for such a long time, I basked in family love and took advantage of being spoiled by friends, relaxed with my dogs and had late night chats with my girlfriends – All things I love! To leave again and head back to London was just as hard as it was the first time but I think I’ll just have to make sure that the next time I head back for Melbourne, it will be for good!

To match the mood, I found a grey outfit post that I took in Melbourne …

These photos were taken on a wet and windy Melbourne weekend in Port Melbourne at my friend, Poosilla’s new apartment. You probably can’t tell given the weather, but the view of the beach and city skyline from her place is stunning.

The open back, metallic threading and ribbon tie attracted me to this otherwise plain cotton woven knit. I love finding easy to wear pieces that are simple but retain detailing that makes it memorable. It’s not the warmest of knits (being cotton and made for the Summer collection) so I envisage pairing this with a pair of shorts and heels for Summer. For Winter, consider layering Summer Knits with thermals to get more wear out of your wardrobe.

Also, opting for a longer and looser knit was a perfect way of hiding the fact that I pretty much ate non-stop since I landed in Melbourne. My mum was constantly cooking and making me snacks just like when we were kids so I’m glad I packed this knit and my comfortable leggings too 😛

My friend insisted that I try her red lipstick (I think this one was called Moulin Rouge from Sephora) and while I felt like I looked like a geisha in it (being so pale and make up free) I did have a lot of fun experimenting with a bit of lip bold colour for once!

Photos taken by Poosilla xo

T-Styled me Tip: If you have a knit that has relatively loose weaving (like this one) remember to take care as it easily pulls. Hand wash these garments to extend longevity as well and to be on the safe side!

Outfit Details

Thanks for reading and to all my friends and family back in Melb – I miss you all xo


18 thoughts on “TSM Outfit post: Zara Knit – Feeling blue and dressing in Grey

  1. Hi,

    I found you blog through the link on Mish’s tumblr. As an Aussie girl who has just moved to London 2 months ago I absolutely love it! Would love to see a London shopping tips post or just London tips in general.


    • Hi and a BIG Welcome to London! I’ve never regretted moving to London and only wished I’d done it earlier! There are so many reasons why I love this city. What a great idea – I’ll definitely put together a London/shopping post now 🙂

  2. Great outfit here!!!
    Would you like to enter the competition to become the Fashion Muse of my online magazine? It would bring more visibility to your blog for sure!
    Learn more on my blog!

  3. Definately too hard to say good bye I just left it to see u soon without a proper hug n goodbye ….

    Love love this post – red lippy looks awesome on u n with this outfit !!! One of my faces as I would do steal this outfit from u anyway !!!!

  4. I love that open back so much, that ribbon cutting across is really cool. I feel like it could potentially make a fun DIY project! Your view looks great too!

  5. loveeee the entire look, Tien! especially love the knit (looking at website as we speak). how are the supersoft skinny jeans in terms of sizing? ie will it fit a 5’2’er like myself? 🙂

    • Hi Sally! The supersoft skinnys are true to sizing and I would say on the smaller side because the fabric is less structured. For a 5’2” you could probably go for the petite sized jeans. If you measure your waist that should correspond to the first number (ie 25 inches go for w25′) and length wise, I’m a 30 (I’m 1.63m) but I went for 32 for extra length. You could go for 28 or 30 ! There are so many colours to choose from 🙂 Also reading the reviews on topshop are really helpful too!

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